New Forest Centre Barbeque 2015

New Forest Centre Barbeque 2015


For various reasons the New Forest Centre BBQ and Concours was held at Anderwood later than usual this year. However, we were again blessed with good weather on the day, despite periods of heavy rain before and after. 18 cars arrived, including 4 Frogeye and 2 “square” Sprites, 2 100, 4 100/6, 5 3000 and a Jensen Healey. Also a modern 4×4 and a rag-top arrived.

About 40 people attended, from as far afield as Blandford, Verwood, Winchester, Alresford and Fareham, including our esteemed editor who had recovered from a recent “1885” party for his 85th, and his grand-daughter’s 18th, birthdays.


A planned drive of 23 miles had been arranged for late morning, with observation questions along the route. My tulip diagram had one junction showing two exits ( ! ), but this did not cause most crews any problem, although there was plenty of “helpful advice” afterwards!

This event was won by Elizabeth Coomber and Robin, together with the black labrador “Millie” wearing her “Mutt-Muffs” in the back of the 3000 Mk3 Phase 1, scoring 86%. They were closely followed by Jim and Rowena Palmer, David Tofts and Jo, and Francis and Yvonne Bugler.

BBQ3By 1 pm the barbeque was hot, and was rapidly covered with sausages, steaks and fish.

The area became quiet for a while as everyone had their lunch, mainly taking to the shade, but the noise soon increased when Jim Finch distributed papers for the “Members Choice Concours” and everyone inspected the cars.

This was followed by tea and cakes, of which 7 were made by lady members. As usual, they were much appreciated and very BBQ5little was left over.

We then went through the results of the Observation Drive and Concours, of which the winners were; Sprite – Keith and Pauline Hall; 100 – David and Sheila Green (new members); 6 Cyl Roadster – Alan and Pauline Bromfield; 3000 Convertible – Elizabeth Coomber (these at left and right in picture of three); Jensen Healey – Jim and Rowena Palmer.

As you will have noticed, it was very much Elizabeth’s day. By 4 30, attendees were making their way home after enjoying a fine day in a quiet part of the New Forest.


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