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Technical Evening

Technical Evening

The New Forest opened the New Year with an Auto Technical Evening at the Empress of Blandings, Copythorne on 18 January 2018. This pub is the home of the centre, and is able to provide a good sized room above the bar, and this was the venue for the evening.

We are fortunate to have in our centre area, Eastleigh Auto Electrics, and John Burton the owner agreed to come along and spend an evening trying to educate us all on how the parts under the bonnet work, fail and why.

John has titles after his name for the work he does to support the Jaguar Drivers Club. They are, Director of the JDC, Technical Advisor to the ‘E’ Type register of the JDC, and finally, Chairman of the ‘E’ Type register.

A large table was set out with parts that John had brought along. These ranged from a huge 12 volt battery to the contact points of a fuel pump. We were told that we should all carry a digital volt meter, and that unless the battery showed 12.65 volts when tested ‘IT IS NOT FULLY CHARGED’

Steadily and methodically John went through each item providing anecdotes, facts and warnings on why they break down if you abuse them, ignore them or they were poorly made in the first place (being polite here).

John’s favourite part had to be a ‘bolt on’ radiator cooling fan of approximately 15 inches diameter. This was picked up and put down at least 10 times to demonstrate that its make up actually blocked the air from passing through it and every other bar should be cut from it to let some cooling effect happen, or better still throw it away!

As you will see from the photographs, there were many members in the room (31 in all) and questions were frequently asked regarding all these new parts now sold with electronics involved, to this John pointed out that they may not always be the best step forward for the older car. ie: Do not purchase a rotor arm with a rivet through it, they will short out! After a refreshment break, we then had a conducted tour through some 200 photos on the overhead screen. These were of cars that have crossed John’s path in need of attention for mechanical or electrical works.

The evening broke up with a resounding thank you to John, for his knowledge and detailed explanations, and then folks gathered around the table of parts to debate further points of interest to individual members, which went on for another 30 mins.

Thanks again John for your time and effort.

2018 Dinner Dance & Prize Giving

2018 Dinner Dance & Prize Giving

Held on the 3rd February at The Hotel Miramar, Bournemouth. Again in 2018 we had reason to celebrate an anniversary, so The ‘New Forest Centre’ had a special cake made for the traditional afternoon teas at ‘The Hotel Miramar’ and marked the year that the Frogeye Sprite was launched at the 1958 Monaco Grand Prix on the 20th May.

Frogeye owners present were gathered to cut the cake, and with tea served to 40 members enjoyed a very pleasant afternoon catching up. Welcome guests and officers of the club from outside our centre included Tony & Caroline Curren & John Keener.

Our evening festivities commenced at 6.45pm in the ‘Garden Suite’ bar, and dinner followed at 7.30pm. Peter Healey, our centre President, had joined us by this time having been glued to the television in the afternoon to watch rugby!!

This year 56 enjoyed a super meal and whilst coffee was served, our raffle ladies did a great job of selling lots of tickets for the 21 prizes on display. Our centre is very fortunate to receive support from company sponsors:- Bill Rawles Classic Cars, Ahead4Healeys, Rawles Motorsport together with our own members, so our thanks go out to all who assist the committee in providing great enjoyment for the members of our centre.

Before the raffle, the prizes were given out for the 2017 season, and they were:-
Competition: Alan & Sandra Pickford
Concours: BJ7/BJ8 Gordon & Sue Grant
Roadster: Phil & Julie Gardner
100: Trevor & Alison Hirst
Jensen Shield: Jim & Rowena Palmer
Rev-Counter: Trevor & Alison Hirst
New Comers Award: David Burton
Clubman of the Year: Brian Loades

The evening continued later with the disco producing good dance music for all, with a few retreating to the bar for that earnest chat about a new fangled part that is essential to making the Healey perform much better.

Sunday as is traditional after a good breakfast, the seafront and sunny conditions beckoned us for that good walk on the prom to blow the cobwebs away, and prepare us all for the drive home.