The New Forest Annual Barbeque 2017

The New Forest Annual Barbeque 2017


The New Forest Centre held its annual BBQ at the Forestry Commission’s Anderwood site on Sunday 18th June. The weather was incredibly good, such that seemingly everyone in the south headed for the forest or the beach. This resulted in those travelling from a distance, such as Honiton, Overton and Fareham, had to put up with very heavy traffic. The M27 was reported to be like a car park! It was a good decision to plan a local walk with observation type questions, as it would have been pointless to send attendees out on a planned drive. Six pairs tackled the walk, which was quite short and mainly in the shade.
The BBQ was ready at 1 pm, was very hot, and kept going for those who arrived later. Everyone took to the shade, but still felt quite hot. By the time of the “Members’ Choice” concours, 16 cars had arrived, which was excellent considering the competition from Father’s Day and the 24 hours Le Mans event. There were 2 x 100s, 2 x 100/6, 2 x 3000 Mk1, 8 x 3000 Mk3, 1 x 3000 Replica, and 1 x Jensen Healey, but notably no Sprite of any type.

At this stage, six cakes made by some of our ladies were devoured in no time. The results were then revealed. Alan and Sandra Pickford tied with the Two Sisters (Julie and Gill Gardner) at 17 out of 25 on the walk. The tie was broken by them estimating the temperature in the shade under my 3000 Mk3 Ph1. It was 77 deg F, and Alan was closer.

The Concours winners were; 100 – Alison and Trevor Hirst, Roadster – Julie and Phil Gardner, Convertible – Gordon Grant, Jensen Healey – Rowena and Jim Palmer.

People stayed around later than usual to enjoy the sun shining on the trees and the slightly decreasing temperature, before departing to take on the traffic jam which started just down the road!

New Forest Centre Dinner Dance 2016

New Forest Centre Dinner Dance 2016

Where have the weeks gone this year, I am miles behind on event reporting, so here we go for 2016.

This was our 9th year at the ‘Hotel Miramar’ where we celebrated the past seasons events, and awarded the prizes to the members for their hard work in the centre, and the Concours.
We also planned to have a great evening as well whilst doing it, with friends and colleagues.

Our guests this year were our ‘National Chairman’ John Keener, and our ‘Vice President’ Joe Cox. This year our ‘Centre President’ Peter Healey was on holiday, but we hope to see him next year.

As usual we started at 3pm with ‘Afternoon Tea’ in the Lounge, where 46 members relaxed and caught up with friends. Our centre is very wide spread, and this event starts the new season, and gives everyone the chance to see what is on offer through the year.

Colin & Sue Dimbylow ‘Clubman of the Year’

Colin & Sue Dimbylow ‘Clubman of the Year’

The main event started at 6.30pm and was held in the ‘Garden Room’ which has its own bar and gives access to the dining room. I gave my customary welcome to all and thanked our guests for coming along. We had 7 tables to seat 60 people, which worked very well and the food and service was excellent as usual, with the table wine flowing well.

Our trophy awards were presented by John Keener and went to:-

Quiz/Competition Jim & Rowena Palmer
Concours Sprite Keith & Pauline Hall
100 David & Sheila Green
Roadster Alan & Pauline Bromfield
BJ7-BJ8 Liz Coomber
Jensen Healey Jim & Rowena Palmer
Rev-Counter Articles Sally Jackman
Newcomers David & Sheila Green
Restoration of Year Roger Jackson
Clubman of the Year Colin & Sue Dimbylow


The Jersey Group receive the Salver

The Jersey Group receive the Salver

In June the New Forest Centre led by David Tofts & Jo Barratt invaded the ‘Jersey Festival of Motoring’ with a selection of 15 cars from our club. During the days of the event, there was a car show, and our group were awarded a Silver Salver for ‘Best Club Car Stand’.

We took the opportunity to gather a few of the members that went, and John Keener presented the Salver to David Tofts on behalf of the group.

Our raffle is always well supported by both Sponsors and our members, and we thank them all very much for their continued support which enables the event to progress and grow year on year. Our lead sponsor was again Bill Rawles Classic Cars, and was backed up by Ahead 4 Healeys and Rawles Motorsport.

David & Sheila Green 100 concours winners

David & Sheila Green, 100 Concours winners

After the raffle the Disco commenced, and the dancing continued until late, after which a few hardy souls repaired to the bar.  Sunday morning brought a calmer day, so after a good breakfast people either said their goodbyes, or went for a stroll along the prom before heading home.

Whilst the pen is flowing, 2017 is a ‘BIG YEAR’ for our centre, as we will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of the formation of what we now know as the ‘New Forest Centre’.  Our Dinner Dance is already booked for the 18th February at the Miramar, so get those rooms booked. We also have a special day at ‘Bucklers Hard’ on 15th July, so watch the press.

Our committee have aimed, within our 3 year plan, to give the members as much benefit as we can in providing special events. This has been welcomed by the members, and the gaining of some terrific sponsorship will enable us to provide that extra something in 2017, so we trust we can continue the theme in future years.

Now, which event is next to write up!!


New Forest Centre BBQ 2016

New Forest Centre BBQ 2016

Despite the torrential downpours on many days before and after the event, on the day it remained dry, even with some sun. The event was again held at the Forestry Commission’s Anderwood site between Lyndhurst and Burley. Club members attended from as far away as Honiton, Bognor, Liphook, Basingstoke and Blandford Forum, and brought 18 cars. P1040440aThe grandson of Clive and Bella Jordan had even come all the way from South Island, New Zealand ! We missed one regular attendee, our Esteemed Editor Ron Fitton, as he was unwell. A group rapidly assembled around Jim Palmer’s Jensen Healey offering advice on how to fix his squealing fanbelt.

P1040425aA planned walk with questions was deliberately made tougher this year. The results demonstrated success, with Jack and Celia Powis the winners with 70% correct answers. The BBQ was ready by 1pm, so everybody was then busy cooking a wide variety of meals. The Members’ Choice Concours followed causing the cars to be inspected, some in fine detail. The results were; Sprite – Phil Gardner (Sebring replica), AH100 – Francis Bugler, Roadsters – Gordon Grant, BJ7/BJ8 – Liz Coomber, Jensen Healey – Jim Palmer. P1040444aAfter declaration of both sets of results, the final stage was cutting of the cakes made by the ladies. They were excellent, and were almost completely demolished in next to no time.

Pictures are courtesy of our Chairman, Jim Finch.

Roger and Claire Smith

New Forest Centre Barbeque 2015

New Forest Centre Barbeque 2015


For various reasons the New Forest Centre BBQ and Concours was held at Anderwood later than usual this year. However, we were again blessed with good weather on the day, despite periods of heavy rain before and after. 18 cars arrived, including 4 Frogeye and 2 “square” Sprites, 2 100, 4 100/6, 5 3000 and a Jensen Healey. Also a modern 4×4 and a rag-top arrived.

About 40 people attended, from as far afield as Blandford, Verwood, Winchester, Alresford and Fareham, including our esteemed editor who had recovered from a recent “1885” party for his 85th, and his grand-daughter’s 18th, birthdays.



A planned drive of 23 miles had been arranged for late morning, with observation questions along the route. My tulip diagram had one junction showing two exits ( ! ), but this did not cause most crews any problem, although there was plenty of “helpful advice” afterwards!

This event was won by Elizabeth Coomber and Robin, together with the black labrador “Millie” wearing her “Mutt-Muffs” in the back of the 3000 Mk3 Phase 1, scoring 86%. They were closely followed by Jim and Rowena Palmer, David Tofts and Jo, and Francis and Yvonne Bugler.

BBQ3By 1 pm the barbeque was hot, and was rapidly covered with sausages, steaks and fish.

The area became quiet for a while as everyone had their lunch, mainly taking to the shade, but the noise soon increased when Jim Finch distributed papers for the “Members Choice Concours” and everyone inspected the cars.

This was followed by tea and cakes, of which 7 were made by lady members. As usual, they were much appreciated and very BBQ5little was left over.

We then went through the results of the Observation Drive and Concours, of which the winners were; Sprite – Keith and Pauline Hall; 100 – David and Sheila Green (new members); 6 Cyl Roadster – Alan and Pauline Bromfield; 3000 Convertible – Elizabeth Coomber (these at left and right in picture of three); Jensen Healey – Jim and Rowena Palmer.

As you will have noticed, it was very much Elizabeth’s day. By 4 30, attendees were making their way home after enjoying a fine day in a quiet part of the New Forest.

White Dove Collectors Transport Show

White Dove Collectors Transport Show

The New Forest Centre supported the show this year, which was in aid of the Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice, which supports cancer patients in many ways.

Phyllis Tuckwell ( is the only Hospice Care service for adult patients, and their families, affected by cancer or other serious progressive illnesses (such as heart, lung or neurological diseases). All of West Surrey and part of North East Hampshire covering 550,000 residents, both at the Hospice, at the Beacon Centre and in the community are catered for.

wd2This was the 10th Year of the show, and around 400 vehicles/bikes came along to what was a superb day both in weather and atmosphere.

The New Forest Centre had been allocated a good space at the top of the field next to a large tree, which gave us some welcome shade from the very hot afternoon sun. We were situated next to ‘Bill Rawles Classic Cars’ stand, who was the main sponsor of the show. Our display of 7 cars was a good spread of the Austin Healey models, and received a lot of interest from the crowds.

wd3Entries for the show were divided into 13 classes for cars and 12 for motor bikes. Apparently it started as a bike show, and grew over the years. There were many stalls displayed around the field selling a variety of items – we also had a tombola and a ‘ring the bell’ among the many other attractions. As always with these events there were many food and drink stalls and of course cake stalls, so plenty of opportunities to indulge. Music was provided by a tribute ‘Elvis’ act which seemed to prove popular.

Most of the Healey club had taken a picnic and we were able to enjoy this either in the sun or in the shade of our ‘personal’ tree. Membership forms and old Rev-Counters were on offer, and we passed out a few through the day.

wd4Unbeknown to Jan & I, the judges had been round and placed a ‘2nd in Class 17 Pre 1960 Sports Car’ class on our BN1. This created a fair bit of leg pulling, but all in good humour. At 4pm we duly collected our plaque and lapel badge, and packed up to leave with the others.

Out of interest I checked out the winner of the class and discovered it was a ‘Riley Special’, and boy was it special. The owner Jim Rose, had built it himself being a car builder by trade.

He showed me a photographic record of the build, and advised that he had built cars for F1 Ron Dennis, and also owned a Ferrari in the USA where he spent a lot of his time.

I had no trouble bowing to the quality of the Riley, and it was a great pleasure to meet and shake the hand of the man who had built it.

Find the show at:-

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