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Make your own high intensity rear flasher lamps

Flasher fitted

Use the standard reflectors for the body and rim.

For the amber lens I used 16099 Amber lens from  I turned them down on the lathe to fit the rim.

Healey_flashers2010_0212(014)The light units are ordinary 12v MR11 domestic halogen down lighters (they are 20 watt so flash rate is about right) which you can get for less than £1.

It is also necessary to bypass the Stop / flasher relay and run a new wire to the rear. Connect a new cable to both of the existing stop elements of the stop/tail lights; remove green and purple cable from terminal 5 on the brake / flasher relay under the bonnet and connect to the new cable. Connect the cable removed from the original stop elements of the stop/tail lights and connect to the new flasheHealey_flashers2010_0212(015)rs. Provide earth connections to new lights.

You will need to fit other reflectors under the bumper.

Whilst I was at it I also carried out a halogen headlight conversion using headlights with built in side lights which meant I could replace the front side light bulb holders with a single 21w bulb holder fitted with an amber colour bulb inside the clear lens. Vehicle Wiring Products also do the headlights.

Healey_flashers2010_0212(016) Healey_flashers2010_0212(019)

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